Friends of Green Hill Cemetery
For the Living!



  • Green Hill Cemetery is a public cemetery operated and maintained by the City of Greensboro Parks & Recreation Department.

  • To inquire about who is buried where in Green Hill Cemetery, or to ask about Cemetery operations and policies, contact The City of Greensboro Cemetery office or Cemetery Superintendent Michael S. Moye at 336-373-2160 or [email protected] .  Please do NOT contact Friends of Green Hill Cemetery (FoGHC) about cemetery burials, operations, or policies.



The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs  can furnish a grave marker for veterans of all U.S. wars.  If the veteran doesn't have a grave marker, or the marker is damaged to the point it can't be read, the veteran qualifies for a new marker.  Markers and postage are free.  The only expense is placing the marker.  The Department of Veterans Affairs suggests that "volunteers are quite capable of placing the plaque-style markers" so you can order and place these yourself.  Learn how qualified veterans can obtain a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs headstone, marker, or medallion at

A National Tombstone Transcripton Project is a long-term nationwide project has as a goal to transcribe the words on tombstones into a web-accessible resource, helpful to those studying genealogy.  Learn more about this nationwide project by visiting    At that website, search for NC > Guilford County > Green Hill Cemetery tombstone transcriptions.  Only 5 of Green Hill Cemetery's ~36 sections  have tombstones documented at that website.  If you're interested in this tedious yet worthwhile project, contact  [email protected].

The  National Center for Preservation Technology and Training offers many online training sessions including  topics ranging from monument restoration to cemetery landscape maintenance, and explaining why to NOT apply chemicals or shaving cream on tombstones!  Visit