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  1. Greensboro's early 1900's leaders
    Greensboro's early 1900's leaders
    and their contributions are highlighted on FoGHC tours. This is Mr. O.C. Wysong of Wysong Industries who earned 89 metal-working and wood-working machinery patents.
  2. Four seasons of trees and shrubs
    Four seasons of trees and shrubs
    can be viewed in Green Hill Cemetery. Seeing mature specimens of various trees and shrubs in Green Hill is helpful before considering trees and shrubs for your yard.
  3. Infant graves are plentiful
    Infant graves are plentiful
    as earlier generations lacked vaccinations, antibiotics, and less access to prenatal and infant care than we have today.
  4. The original Cemetery Keeper's House
    The original Cemetery Keeper's House
    was lived in by the early City Cemetery Keepers, until the 1970's. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places and is privately owned.
  5. The Gathering Area
    The Gathering Area
    is a picnic area easily seating 12 visitors under the boughs of an old oak tree, surrounded by a crescent of shrubs and perennial summer flowers.
  6. Over 700 trees and shrubs
    Over 700 trees and shrubs
    have been professionally identified and labeled in Green Hill, showing family, common name, genus, species, and geographic regions where they traditionally are found.
  7. City Geographic Information System (GIS)
    City Geographic Information System (GIS)
    software allows you to identify Green Hill Cemetery trees and shrubs from your cell phone or computer. Visit
  8. Every Spring and Autumn
    Every Spring and Autumn
    Friends of Green Hill Cemetery (FoGHC) volunteers lead walking tours. Virtual tours can be scheduled for groups, all year long. Visit our TOURS page for details.