Friends of Green Hill Cemetery
For the Living!


Support Friends of Green Hill Cemetery (FoGHC) in ways that please you!


Donations are used to purchase benches, update plantings, purchase plant identification labels, add signage, print tour booklets, provide a summer picnic for City Cemetery staff, and generally enhance public spaces for respectful respite in Green Hill Cemetery. 

Donate online through the Friends of Greensboro Parks and Recreation Foundation.  Their DONATE button  takes you to PayPal for online donations.  In PayPal's NOTE field please type FOR Friends of Green Hill Cemetery.  (That foundation maintains federal tax EIN # 20-5638297, qualified by the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).)

Donate by check by contacting the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Foundation directly.  
  • Call that Foundation's Executive Assistant Haley Wilson at 336-373-2559
  • Or E-mail [email protected]
  • Or visit or mail Haley Wilson at 
    Greensboro Parks & Recreation Foundation
    1001 Fourth St.
    ​Greensboro, NC 27405
  • Tell Haley Wilson you wish to donate to Friends of Green Hill Cemetery.
  • Make your donation, memorial, or honorarium checks payable:
  •          TO:      Friends of Greensboro Parks and Recreation Foundation
  •          FOR:   Friends of Green Hill Cemetery


  • Enjoy simple, solitary tasks such as as stick/limb pick up.  Please place collected sticks/limbs onto one concentrated pile at the edge of any cemetery section.  This light effort greatly speeds City cemetery crews mowing and leaf blowing. 

  • Water new, young trees during droughts.  Buckets are provided for water you haul from cemetery spigots.  We explain which trees/shrubs need watering.

  • Weed cemetery entrances on Wharton Street.  Both entrances sprout a few weeds in summer and profit from simple weed pulling.

  • Weed the central Gathering Area.  Soon after Friends of Green Hill Cemetery (FoGHC) formed, we gained permission to create a lovely central Gathering Area with picnic tables shaded by a huge oak tree.  Next we planted a cresent of flowers and shrubs.  Infrequently we announce Gathering Area weeding days, but you may weed any time.  Please note:  Volunteers are not allowed to apply herbicides on City property, so weeding is accomplished by hand.

  • Present our tours.  Learn to present:  our  2-hour "The Plants & The Planted" historical/botanical walking tours, our 1-hour botanical walking tours, or our 35-45-minute PowerPoint virtual tours for groups that cannot walk yet request presentations to clubs such as garden clubs, history clubs, genealogy clubs, and civic clubs.  More extensive, professional botanical tours are offered spring and fall, requiring botanical expertise.

  • Volunteers with marketing talents are invited to offer expertise to help us spread the word about Friends of Green Hill Cemetery (FoGHC).